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Why planning for “care” is everyone’s business

Whether we are carers or ‘cared for’, we are likely to be involved in caring in the future. Of course the pandemic has highlighted the under-funding of residential care homes and the lack of support given to many home carers, … Continue reading

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Legal & General – recovering

I wasn’t good at learning on management courses, but I did once write down and remember this list Acknowledge your mistakes. Never try to cover up or blame others for what went wrong. … Learn from your mistakes. Once you learn from your mistakes, don’t repeat them. … Continue reading

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IGC reports “good to very good”- as L&G closes member helpline.

  Since publishing this article , LGIM has made a statement on the closure of the L&G helplines – you can read the statement here L&G’s IGC has published its fifth report for savers ; here is the link  for … Continue reading

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L&G ‘s IGC ratings fall with a sorry 2017 Chair’s report.

Legal and General has published its third IGC report, which you can read here.. Overall rating VFM – Red Engagement – Amber Effectiveness – Amber   Value for Money It doesn’t get off to a very good start, giving us … Continue reading

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“The best way forward or the NEST way forward?”

If you are an employer and you have made a decision, there is no liability—that is clear in the legislation. If you have decided to go with NEST rather than NOW: or People’s, there is no liability that can fall … Continue reading

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Legal and General’s IGC – frustrated but getting there!

The Legal & General IGC Annual Statement was published yesterday (21st March) and  good it is too. The link to it is here As with Prudential’s statement, it’s tone is measured and severe, this is not a marketing document for … Continue reading

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L&G gets tough on #AE

L&G changes its AE distribution strategy Legal and General have consistently been an iconoclastic force in auto-enrolment; I would argue a “Force for Good”, not afraid to stick their necks out and take risk where others have waivered. Within the past … Continue reading

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What if? ……Investment reporting for the future…

What if….. when I opened Google Earth and ran the cursor over my home town/county/country , I could see Housing stock being built Brownfield sites being redeveloped Start ups igniting into action Listed companies adapting to a new cleaner  greener … Continue reading

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Choice – we love to have it – we hate to use it!

Choice – a mass of contradictions I’ve noted before that choice is something we feel we cannot do without but is something we generally cannot deal with. It is rare that the phrase ” I had no choice” is used in … Continue reading

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How can auto-enrolment help those that most need it?

  This morning I’m off to the House of Commons to discuss this question with some policy people, Prospect Magazine, my friends Alex Rowson of QTAC and Darren Philp of People’s Pension  and Nigel Wilson, the CEO of Legal & … Continue reading

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