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I love payroll and payroll loves me, don’t mind liaising with HMRC


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If payroll can integrate to our pensions, why can’t we?

Cast your mind back to the back end of 2012 when the big retailers and banks were staging auto-enrollment. The big employers were spending hundreds of thousands of pounds re-coding their payroll software or were ransoming themselves to “middle ware” … Continue reading

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CDC gets HMRC approval

BREAKING: Collective DC pension schemes will be given legal standing from April 2021, under measures outlined by the Treasury today. — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) July 21, 2020   CDC is CDC (but also CMP) In another step forward, … Continue reading

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A CIPP initiative on workplace pensions

The times call for a fresh and innovative approach to help staff facing an uncertain future. The prospect of reduced work prospects faces many of us, especially furloughed staff.  This article looks at an initiative taken by the CIPP to … Continue reading

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Shoot the message – not the messenger.

Watching Martin Lewis’ money show last night I found myself aghast! Someone was trying to weigh up whether it was better to get 0.1% pa tax-free from an HSBC ISA or get 0.4% pa from another HSBC account and run … Continue reading

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Wishing the Payroll Bureau Association well!

In March 2020, a group of 14 UK payroll bureau managers came together with two things in common; a passion for their sector and a desire to change the support structure in which they operated. After many phone calls, virtual … Continue reading

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“If we should live that long…”

I write a column for the CIPP magazine and there’s generally a six week cycle between submission and publication. I submitted this article in March and it got published last week. When I wrote it, I wondered how I’d be … Continue reading

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Payroll into battle!

  April 20th 2020 will live long in the memories of payroll. The Furlough has begun! Here is Barry Matthews – payroll enthusiast and BDD of PayCircle and his call to arms! Monday morning 20th April 2020, payroll teams across … Continue reading

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Holding the thin blue line on pensions

1. The immediate threat of fraud The policing of pensions is a precarious business and the “thin blue line” is figurative. The police are reluctant , for good reason, to busy themselves in the complexities of criminal maladministration , prosecutions … Continue reading

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“State of the Pension” address

After doing a 30 minute address to to CIPP in 10 minutes, I’ve been called back to do another one – only this time I’m first on – which means I could gab on for ages and make sure no … Continue reading

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