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Paying for other people’s pensions

I’ve said it before on this blog, but I’ll say it again. The amount of Council Tax many people pay to fund other people’s pensions exceeds their own contributions into pensions, even when they’ve been auto-enrolled into “workie”.   “You … Continue reading

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Can the pension insurers win back their customers’ respect?

IGCs are ours to use and not the insurers to castrate. Continue reading

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Terry Smith – What I have learned from Fundsmith in the Past Five Years

Fundsmith is my favourite fund manager. Like Aberdeen (another favourite whose conference I’m going to today), it is an organisation with a strong purpose (moral and social). Terry Smith is an extraordinary man who’s views are always worth reading. He … Continue reading

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Everything you wanted to know about the AE Common Data Standard (in 500 words)

  What’s the point? There are around 30 pension providers an employer can choose to set up their workplace pension and around 40 further providers who will convert their existing workplace pension into a scheme that qualifies for workplace pension. … Continue reading

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Time to be clear on what’s a good workplace pension.

We are losing sight of what the charges consultation is about. It is about improving pension outcomes. Continue reading

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It looks like we won’t get a cap on pension charges – do we need one?

A battle may have been lost but there is still a war to be won. Continue reading

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“Innovation – what innovation?” – Pension PlayPen confounded by DC investments

The 50th London Pension PlayPen lunch took place as ever at the Counting House (attendees listed below). At the opening show of hand six of us could see no great innovation happening in UK DC and three saw “potential” or … Continue reading

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A promise or a guarantee?

If Steve Webb wants AE to work, he should stop turning promises into guarantees and burdening employers with unforeseen liabilities and huge consultative and administrative costs. Continue reading

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How Large Pension Schemes raise standards for all

One of the odd things (asymmetries) about pensions is that 90% of the attention is focussed on 10% of the schemes. The top 100 pension funds in Britain have more assets under management than the next 900 . And if … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to insurance?

If the man on the Clapham Omnibus was able to feel secure that he was insured against living too long, dying too soon or losing an income through sickness, mightn’t we have a simpler and more stable platform on which to build? Continue reading

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