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Association of Pension Lawyers dubious about tPR’s DB funding code

      Editor’s note Apologies to the APL and to readers for the poor reproduction of Rosalind Connor’s letter. This is due to the shortcomings of my PDF reading rather than a failure of the APL to correctly format … Continue reading

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Is the UK institutionally ageist?

This week we hear that numbers in England and Wales dying in care homes is exceeding those in hospital. In March Government told these homes the risk of death in homes was “most unlikely”. How did it come to this? … Continue reading

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You wait years for good pension communications and then…..

All the best documents can be digested at a glance- think P60 ( or P45 if you’re more used to them)! Simple lay-out , necessary information, few words, maximum impact as it’s all there on one sheet. You wait years … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas is dew (relentless rain won’t do!)

  The reference to “Dew” is from memory of this lovely medieval poem I syng of a mayden That is makeles, king of alle kinges to here sone che chees. He cam also stille Ther his moder was As dew … Continue reading

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Can the pension insurers win back their customers’ respect?

IGCs are ours to use and not the insurers to castrate. Continue reading

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Our parents’ houses.

property, downsizing, home, residence, sheltered housing, family, children, grandchildren Continue reading

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“Whether we’re up or down”- what the terraces teach us about finance

  The reference is to a line in “Yeovil True”¬†which celebrates our fan’s relationship to the club. On Friday the club’s men’s team did go down to League Division One, this time last year we went up to the Championship- … Continue reading

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A few house rules…

Once you’ve blown up the building you let the dust settle ,you announce what you’ll be putting up instead and then you build. This seems a reasonable analogy for what is happening in pension reform. The FCA are issuing invitations … Continue reading

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