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Ways of staying financially strong in later life

I normally write about money, particularly about saving for retirement. Over the last couple of evenings, I’ve been lucky enough to attend two excellent discussions, not about saving, but about creating an infrastructure around you in later years that makes those … Continue reading

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DB pensions; experts are the problem, people are the answer.

  The best thing (for me) about going to the international Longevity Centre’s launch of their study of DB deficits was John. I’d seen him when I walked into the committee room in the House of Lords, he had his … Continue reading

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Insuring too much for living too long

I went to an interesting debate this morning about the DB deficit crisis (what crisis?). A number of interesting things emerged, such as a statement that a pension scheme cannot get a real return on its investments. I looked at … Continue reading

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What we’re learning from the Wealth and Assets Survey

The Office of National Statistics has published wave 3 of their Wealth and Assets Survey You can download it here The report ignores the value of state benefits. Bearing in mind it would currently cost around £180,000 to buy a … Continue reading

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A few house rules…

Once you’ve blown up the building you let the dust settle ,you announce what you’ll be putting up instead and then you build. This seems a reasonable analogy for what is happening in pension reform. The FCA are issuing invitations … Continue reading

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“What’s it like to be retired?”

It could be the trending chant at any event that Alex Ferguson turns up to – a taunt to a man who having lost control has seen slump into mundanity in a few short months. Financial wellbeing in later life … Continue reading

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