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“Time spent frail in old age doubles”

  A Newcastle University study, suggests that elderly people are getting frail for longer as they reach the final years of their life. According to the Seed project men spent 2.4 years on average needing regular care and women three … Continue reading

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A few house rules…

Once you’ve blown up the building you let the dust settle ,you announce what you’ll be putting up instead and then you build. This seems a reasonable analogy for what is happening in pension reform. The FCA are issuing invitations … Continue reading

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John Tapper’s retirement plan

The Auction catalogue tells us “Mr Tapper’s cows are a very nice lot, all young, of good size and colour and good milkers Continue reading

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My mother is a donut

  My mother is someone who I have admiration for. This afternoon we went to walk Rosa the dog ; but when we got out of the car she discovered she was in her house slippers. Rather than abort the … Continue reading

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“We grow old, we grow old” – a budget day blog

It’s budget day. I was asked to be a commentator on a budget briefing this afternoon but I’m not good on economics – more interested in nuts and bolts. All the same, it’s useful sometimes to stick your head up and … Continue reading

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We should be proud to have an opt-out!

An old friend of mine tweets me beginning “I’m a libertarian but…!” The but is an objection to the feckless being able to opt out of their pension plan. Of course she is a fascist though you cannot tell her that any … Continue reading

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The public sector needs a low cost pension alternative

This blog is about public sector pensions and the problems that they will face with Auto-Enrolment. It will be of interest to people concerned with pension reform, fairness, inclusivity and with bringing DC up to the standards of DB. The question … Continue reading

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