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Ten reasons to join the Pension Play Pen!

I’m excited! Driving through Berkshire and Hampshire to work it showed 8 degrees  on the dashboard, I drove open-top and imagined I was Jane Austen in a pony and trap (the pony called Frankel)! I’m excited because there are 2499 members … Continue reading

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Do self-employed “workers” know their pension rights?

The self-employed have been marginal to Pension Reform. An obscure section of the 2008 Pension Act makes it possible for them to take part in NEST, however NEST do not advertise they can receive self-employed contributions and I’d be surprised if they have … Continue reading

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Beautiful women, beautiful boats and beautiful days on the river!

Ye distant spires, ye antique towers, That crown the watery glade, Where grateful Science still adores Her Henry’s holy shade; And ye, that from the stately brow Of Windsor’s heights th’ expanse below Of grove, of lawn, of mead survey, … Continue reading

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So you want better pensions?

I’m going to Holland next week to talk to European Fund Managers about how they engage with the UK DC market, it could be a short presentation. Ironically, the Dutch  pension system is delivering 50% more pension – per pound … Continue reading

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TESCO extra pensions

I’ve followed Tesco’s progress towards the staging of auto-enrolment closely this week. I think we are at a tipping point in pension provision in Britain, a point which could see the return of pensions that do what they say on … Continue reading

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What’s a social media champion?

The news is that I’m up for an award as a social media champ – or or perhaps “chump”. I’d be beating a food bunch if I won;- the Pensions Monkey Tom Mcphail, Mallowstreet, the dynamic golfing legend Gurjit Dehl and Madamoiselle Bighair – Ros Altmann. All … Continue reading

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Is God online?

I went to Church last Sunday went today. The church in  Dorset where I was confirmed now has digital screen in the aisles which display the words to the banal nonsense that passes for modern hymns, the reverend is miked up and there … Continue reading

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Payroll folk and Pensions should be friends

Well ok, it’s not as glam as the farmer and the cowboy in Oklahoma, but there’s that same edge between payroll and pension people . This blog’s about how we’re getting it together- thanks to some lucky chancs- some serendipity! Serendipity … Continue reading

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Why can’t we select a pension like we buy a car?

I’ll give you three good reasons While we can get reliable comparative data on the performance , reliability and fuel efficiency of a car, we can’t for pensions While cars are road-tested and best-buy lists published in magazines , on … Continue reading

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One has one’s mojo workin’

Two weeks on and I’m still buzzing with that opening ceremony. The nation has got its mojo workin’ (but it just won’t work on U-sa). The Queen was the business and it’s good to see that Equity are inviting her to … Continue reading

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