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“Should fans have a voice?”; as with football, so with pensions.

I found this article  on Mallowstreet, a gated community for pension people. It is written by Sandra Woolf and its main contributor, Richard Butcher is both professional trustee and Chair of the PLSA. It is based on a press release … Continue reading

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Will CDC be a success story?

Will CDC be a success story? #pensions @mallowstreet https://t.co/HC8u3uk09G pic.twitter.com/fR8VKyRYOi — Stuart Breyer (@stubreyer) November 4, 2020 The question is the right one. You can’t go on Mallowstreet unless you are a member, which means the wider discussion needs to … Continue reading

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Bill Whitehead – well remembered.

Yesterday was a very moving day for those of us who knew Bill (Will) Whitehead. Thanks to Liz and the children for sharing such a dignified day with grace and humour. I met Bill while at Gissings. We worked with him at … Continue reading

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Pension’s pain is payroll’s gain!

The 25th November is likely to be another red letter day for pensions. The consultation on the way tax relief is paid to those contributing to pensions ended on September 30th and we understand that three options are still under … Continue reading

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Pensions Rocked again

Five great bands A full house A proper bunch of judges A fabulous back up team! It’s easy to think Pension Rocks just happens. Last Thursday’s final was so relaxed, well-organised and so darned good that it’s easy to forget what an amazing … Continue reading

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People need places to talk about #pensions.

Nobody ten years ago could have anticipated the way that technology would have driven digital communication. Nobody but a fool would try and predict how we talk with each other in 2022. But we can look at how today’s social … Continue reading

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What’s a social media champion?

The news is that I’m up for an award as a social media champ – or or perhaps “chump”. I’d be beating a food bunch if I won;- the Pensions Monkey Tom Mcphail, Mallowstreet, the dynamic golfing legend Gurjit Dehl and Madamoiselle Bighair – Ros Altmann. All … Continue reading

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24 cheers for The Pension Play Pen Lunch

There’s a fine tradition in this country of people getting together in coffee houses and taverns and sorting out how and with whom business should be transacted. This was how the insurance market was founded in London and it still is how … Continue reading

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Sharing stuff

I won’t be the first to remark on the polarisation of the business community between those who see the internet as a threat to their intellectual property (grounded) and those who regard collaboration as a means of creating a better world for … Continue reading

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Can’t beat the NAPF!

As trade bodies go, the NAPF is pretty good. It starts from a good place, it wants people to get good retirement outcomes. It operates with the support of all the sectors of the pensions industry and it’s been doing its job … Continue reading

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