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Stoking it up on the river

The heat was intense but there was enough wind from the passing of the boat to keep the guests. Amazing yesterday – off again today! pic.twitter.com/st4TdFTEli — Pension Plowman (@henryhtapper) August 26, 2019   The plugs were in as we … Continue reading

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Lady Lucy out lock-busting (again)!

It’s been a slow start to the boating year on the Thames. Heavy rain and snow made Easter boating unpleasant and dangerous and it’s only in the past few days that river-levels have subsided to take red boards off mid-Thames … Continue reading

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Three seasons of boating on Lady Lucy

  I am in love with the river Thames, all my money goes into boats – (apart from the horse!). Over the weekend, I’ve been organising the boating schedule for Lady Lucy. Last year I had over 400 guests on … Continue reading

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So what makes you so special?

It’s a tough question in any walk of life. There is always someone who will answer that question because they are, but most of us will find ourselves out when answering it. We’re not – and if we were all … Continue reading

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The making and keeping of friends.

  We had a good conversation in the Olde Bell after racing yesterday about the value of friendship. One of our party was quite methodical in how she cultivated friendship. Acquaintances were granted access to her via linked in from … Continue reading

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Wankerati and proud of it. My day at the Battle of Ideas.

I’m taking time out from slipping up and down the Thames on Lady Lucy to attend the Battle of Ideas . By the end of this weekend, I’ll have been to 10 debates on everything from “Are dating apps the end … Continue reading

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Don’t talk about the weather..!

I get bored with people talking about the weather… But I never get bored looking at our wonderful countryside and the impact the weather creates upon it. If you visit the Clore Gallery at the Tate, you can see how … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a shocker!   As many of you know, (from first hand experience), I spend much of the summer driving my boat and guests up and down the Thames. Yesterday was no exception. What made yesterday different, was my … Continue reading

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So how am I preparing my finances for retirement?

  The question, I got asked the other days was what I was doing for myself – rather than what I’m telling others to do – as I prepare for retirement. In summary-I am adopting a wait and see strategy. … Continue reading

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A week on the river

  This is a photoblog of our five days aboard Lady Lucy for Henley 2014. If you have any photos when you were with us or took photos (like Alex O’Loughlin) from the bank- please send them in. Henley Royal … Continue reading

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