Lady Lucy hit by a tree

This is the sorry state of Lady Lucy following being hit by a tree felled by Storm Eunice.

Thanks to the Freebody team for cutting her free (see chainsaw).

Our hearts go out to Nigel and Sheila, whose Torbillie took the brunt of the tree’s fall.

I am going down to the yard (trains willing) and hope to update lovers of the boat later this weekend via this blog.

Perhaps the saddest sight is this little detail, how many of us have held that handrail!

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8 Responses to Lady Lucy hit by a tree

  1. John Mather says:

    So sorry to learn of this damage We should start a crowdfunding effort to put her back to her former glory in time for Henley

  2. So sorry, i hope she’s soon back to the splendour that we enjoyed last year.

  3. Adrian Boulding says:

    Henry, that’s so sad. I do hope you can find a suitable boatbuilder to do a sympathetic restoration

  4. Sorry to hear that Henry. I hope that you will be able to restore her.

  5. Karen McGrath says:

    Sorry to see Lady Lucy like that. Hope she can be repaired and back up and running soon

  6. Richard Harris says:

    So very sad to see Henry…… I know your beautiful boat has been used so often for the benefit of others and I hope you’re able to get Lady Lucy ship shape once more very soon….🙁

  7. Bad luck Henry, I have never graced her decks myself, but am always an avid follower of your adventures. I much appreciate your efforts to bring interesting pension personalities and ordinary folks together for tranquil cruising on the Thames. What ever happened to Lucy’s sister?

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