“Won’t forget that trip in a hurry!”

There is a providence that shapes our end and at 6.24pm yesterday evening I thanked my lucky star.

My wonderful crew from Langley, led by the great Lav Gogna were approaching Hurley Lock. I jumped from Lady Lucy to land and as I did, heard the rich plop that could only have been my super-posh iphone entering the water. With no thought for proprietary I dove in after it. But to no avail.

Despite the help of Jeff the boat painter and the encouragement of my crew, my excursions to the muddy depths of the river Thames proved fruitless till one trawl resulted in the phone and my hand re-uniting in my Michelangelo moment

Then the Excalibur moment as I shot to the surface , hand extended – iphone13 to the sky.

The damned thing was still working!

Providence indeed! And we look back on these little moments and remember them – for they are those points when things turn from bad to good. I am sure everyone reading this will have had equivalents.

Which gives me a chance to thank all  of you who came on the boat this weekend and remind you if you came to put your memories on the “I love Lady” – Group page , for the benefit of those who couldn’t enjoy the sunshine and the scorchio heat!

If you’d like to be part of the Lady Lucy adventure and cruise with us between Wallingford and Windsor – then you still can. There are places on the boat between now and the beginning of November and you can see if some might suit you by hitting this link.

See if there’s a weekend when you could come on Lady Lucy.

You can come on your own, with a partner – or bring a bunch of friends, all are welcome.

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  1. Tim Simpson says:

    Hello Henry,
    Pleased to see that you had success with your iPhone recovery.

    Perhaps Rebekah Vardy will be interested in your technique, since her loss cost her a considerable amount…!
    Kind regards,
    Tim Simpson

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