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A DC investor writes….

  Once in a blue moon I get a mail from someone who is clearly an expert in pensions  but  modest enough to recognise she/he struggles with their own money!  I feel in awe of such people! I got a … Continue reading

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Keep the messaging simple and follow the science

Government messaging on COVID-19 has ranged from effective to baffling and the consensus is that it works best when simple. While Sage might be agonizing over strategy the early messages about staying at home, keeping your distance and saving our … Continue reading

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Pension Self Help

We live at a time of self empowerment. If we don’t know how to do something we learn, searching for answers from the web. We’ve learned how to do things from You tube, understand things from Wiki and with a … Continue reading

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Transferring pots is a matter for the FCA and not MAPS

BREAKING: Stephen Timms, the work & pensions select committee chair, is to push for DB schemes to be able to pause transfers to reduce the risk of savers being hit by scams. Mr Timms plans to table an ammendment to … Continue reading

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Pathways? – We can’t see the wood for the trees.

  Investment pathways Investment or retirement pathways- as the title of an event I went to had it, are the FCA’s idea for helping people take better decisions at retirement than they do today. They’re mainly for the people who … Continue reading

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Are IFAs missing the wood for the trees?

A thread , which is now nearly a week old, has over 1000 posts on it and it focusses exclusively on the tax problems doctors are having resulting from the tension from too much pension . That is, till the … Continue reading

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IFAs must explore other advisory models to survive and prosper.

Martin Bamford is precisely the spokesperson financial advisers need. He bridges the gap between the worlds people like me and Clive Waller grew up in, a world where “get rich quick” was the primary driver, to a different one, one … Continue reading

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Let’s stop pretending guidance is enough.

News that the Government has thrown out proposals for compulsory guidance to protect us from ourselves comes as no surprise to me , though it has clearly angered Ros Altmann. Writing on her blog, the former Pensions Minister writes of  the … Continue reading

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Advising the 5,000; so where are the loaves and fishes?

The mass market of people retiring over the next few years  no default means to spend their money and no access to suitably priced advice. That is the conclusion of the FCA consultation on Retirement Outcomes that has just closed. … Continue reading

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No demand, no supply, no advice- wonder why?

No demand? We learn today that advisers are not demanding providers rebate them portions of their client’s funds to pay for their pension related services. This is really odd; as pension funds are tax-advantaged and investors are missing out on tax-advantaged … Continue reading

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