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“Don’t bank on living average”! Aussie plan investments that last as long as we do!

This blog’s by my friend Jim Hennington, an Australian actuary who translates charts into simple messages. If you are interested in the delivery of investment solutions that the Australians are devising to meet this issue, then click on the link … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Australia – retirement income strategies compared…..

This article is an overwrite of work done by Optimum Pensions’ Peter Rowe in Australia, I’m grateful to my friend Jim Hennington for sharing it. When I read it I was struck by the similarities that Australia’s Super system is … Continue reading

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Does Britain need an Aussie style “Retirement Income Covenant”?

  The Australian Treasury has recently consulted with its citizens on how to oblige Trustees of its huge Super funds to provide them with retirement income. There are parallels in the UK. Over the autumn and winter, the DWP will … Continue reading

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