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Why the FCA should avoid transfer redress

Regulator under pressure after data request reveals fewer than 70 cases opened into #pension transfer mis-selling in three years. https://t.co/SmNM0mgaAz — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) November 13, 2020 There are two ways to consider the FCA’s  supposed inactivity opening cases into … Continue reading

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A DC investor writes….

  Once in a blue moon I get a mail from someone who is clearly an expert in pensions  but  modest enough to recognise she/he struggles with their own money!  I feel in awe of such people! I got a … Continue reading

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Has tPR just signed its own death warrant?

Today we are launching a discussion on our 15-year corporate strategy to protect the future financial wellbeing of savers. https://t.co/Cg1e3Ek6Eg #pensions pic.twitter.com/bBd9n4Eock — ThePensionsRegulator (@TPRgovuk) October 16, 2020 Note to regulator; you do not decide the news agenda, that is … Continue reading

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Stop blaming freedom (for pension scamming)!

There are many things that pension freedoms have brought us and one of them is the pail of hogwash that they’ve opened the door to pension scams. This is the  line peddled by the FCA’s new CEO Nikhil Rathi at … Continue reading

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Spot on Steven Cameron – VFM needs radical innovation!

I find myself in  agreement with Aegon’s Steven Cameron in his position on the FCA’s value for money proposals as reported in Pension Age Steven Cameron, has highlighted concerns with proposed responsibilities for Independent Governance Committees (IGCs) in the Financial … Continue reading

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Andy Cheseldine’s VFM assessment is just too good!

Andy Cheseldine gave , in 21 minutes , one of the most complete and articulate expressions of what makes for good value in a DC pension scheme. I hate the word “masterclass” but on this occasion it is appropriate and … Continue reading

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Investing to secure defined outcomes

This is Stuart Fowler‘s first post on this blog. I am very pleased he is sharing this essay which focuses on the difficult challenge of investing for a pension. When I met the Chairman of the FCA I asked him if … Continue reading

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Savers are denied the right to check their pension statements

Although it feels like winning, this has been a tough few weeks for me and my team as we struggle to get nearly 600 Data Requests sent to pension providers. These have been entrusted to us  via Letters of Authority … Continue reading

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The abuse of “platforms”; the distribution of pension scams abroad

Platforms can also be turned against the consumer, offer advisers huge commissions and legitimize the products of the morally bankrupt who set out to steal people’s money through scams. Continue reading

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Pension scams reported at just £10m a year?

The truth is that the FCA do not have a number for the amount that leaks out of the system through dodgy advice.  The resources at their disposal to stop scamming are so small that they cannot even report on the proper size of the problem. Continue reading

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