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Parliament’s six challenges to LDI

Things are not going to be the same for fiduciaries, advisers or managers of DB pension schemes. That was the big message coming out of the lengthy evidence session conducted by the Work and Pension Committee on December 14th.   … Continue reading

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Should DC trustees be worried by the gilt-crash?

Reading Jonathan Stapleton’s measured reporting on the funds used by DC investors in the “pre-retirement phase” I was drawn to some research from Professional Pensions The scale of the issue Well-diversified master trust default funds tended to fare better than … Continue reading

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USS disclosure- in need of a “deus ex machina”.

  Reading the latest acrimonious exchanges between the University Employers and the staff union UCU is a depressing business. UUK, who say they are taking their lead from the  USS pension scheme stand accused of underestimating the scale of the … Continue reading

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Who picks up the cost of consolidating member pots?

The key to answering the question is to establish the value chain; to my mind there are two immediate winners from transferring a member’s pot. The ceding employer (the scheme the member is leaving) The receiving scheme (the scheme the … Continue reading

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We talk to retirees the language of a bygone age

Governance improving – but… The DWP has been asking itself some searching questions about the governance of the workplace pensions that Britain will be increasingly rely on to supplement the state pension and eventually overtake it as our main source … Continue reading

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Pension simplification will bring tears at bed-time.

The illustration is from “Greta and the giants” , an alarming children’s book designed to entertain and inform  from Zoe Tucker (author) and Zoe Persico (illustrator). I say “alarming” because climate change should be giving me tears before bed-time. I … Continue reading

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TCFD is the green washing test for UK asset managers

This post from David Crum of Minerva analytics is profoundly disturbing David Crum ASIP• 1stManaging Director – Asset Steward Solutions2w • Edited • 2 weeks ago   2020 – the year the investment industry dropped the ball on ‘Implementation Statements’ This … Continue reading

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DCIF; we won’t pay higher fees without sight of better value

On  Ricki Sushak’s “day of reckoning” , the DCIF unveiled a 75 page report from Richard Parkin on progress made by DC master trusts in adopting best investment practice. The agenda of the report is clearly focused on DC as … Continue reading

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Invest to change the world! #plsainvest20

  Investment has a PR problem. We do not aspire to be investors (no matter what Sid said). Indeed we (as in those who don’t normally go to investment conferences) think investment people arrogant, aloof and often downright crooked. A … Continue reading

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Are small DC pension schemes in the member interest?

Trustees vote for their own demise There hasn’t been much comment on social media about the Pension Regulator’s consultation response on the future of trusteeship. This is in marked contrast to what TPR reports as a record 114 written responses … Continue reading

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