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Whatever happened to the Standard Life?

Life insurance companies are not in favour and haven’t been for some time. The consolidation of the sector around a few financial behemoths L&G, Aviva,  Royal London , Prudential , Quilter , Aegon , Just and LV= leaves no trace … Continue reading

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Why I’m not at the PLSA conference today

  I’m writing at 6am, soon I will be getting on a train to Manchester which will be full of people going to the PLSA Conference. I won’t be going to that Conference, instead I will be visiting Sage’s accountant support office … Continue reading

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What’s Standard Aberdeen to the consumer?

Whether the Standard Aberdeen deals goes ahead or not, it’s quite clear that active fund managers are feeling the pinch and that consolidation will follow. Here’s one commentator in the FT summing the deal up.  “The collective headwinds for the … Continue reading

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#AMNTConf2016 vAAMConf – substance and swank!

Yesterday, I flitted between Aberdeen’s swanky conference at the Bankers Hall in the City and the less swanky Association of Member Nominated Trustee’s conference at Holborn. Aberdeen’s afforded me plenty of insights and I’m grateful for the magnificent show they put … Continue reading

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Activism over activity – we want effective asset management.

Reading the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study, you’d be tempted to give up on active asset management (to be frank you might to give up on investment funds altogether). Daniel Godfrey has a piece in the FT claiming that the … Continue reading

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“Search and Stewardship” – all that we want from asset managers

  I spent yesterday morning listening to John Kay talk about the ideas behind his new book “Other people’s Money”. The big idea is that the UK asset management industry spends too much time talking to itself and not enough … Continue reading

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“Good Governance – Bad Governance” – the Aberdeen Conference

I’ve been working hard so I gave myself the luxury yesterday of half a day off to find out about how good governance can help investors get more from their investments. Forget the swanky surroundings and the top-dollar grub, this … Continue reading

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So what does a poor boy do? (Aberdeen and Parmenion)

Fund managers think of themselves as the asset managers of their clients -the investors. But lately they have found themselves serving platforms that treat funds as commodities. They have lost their primary relationship to their customers. The millennials took it … Continue reading

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