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The first superfund deal is done – Clara have consolidated the Sears scheme.

Congratulations to Clara for doing the first superfund deal – well in advance of Christmas! The FT reports Under the agreement… 10,000 members of the Sears Retail Pension Scheme will transfer to Clara Pensions, a “superfund” that promises employers a … Continue reading

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WTW can bring pensions to life for DC savers, but they need our help.

The headline says everything that is right about Willis Towers Watson’s intention and captures the problem it is facing. The DC saver needs a simple way to turn their pot to a pension, but breathing life into “CDC or “Collective … Continue reading

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PEXIT – Why is there a consolidation crunch?

    For years the Government has argued that there are too many occupational pension schemes and promised to make it easier for trustees of DB and DC pension schemes to resign their obligations , passing them to commercial organisations … Continue reading

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Why charitable DB schemes shouldn’t rush to buy-out.

  Stephanie Hawthorne has written another well researched and thoughtful article on defined benefit schemes funded by charities for their staff. These schemes are different from corporate DB schemes in a number of ways. 40% of them are open to … Continue reading

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Explore the options for your DB scheme on December 13th.

Endgame, Middlegame or Long Game? I’m interested in the way defined benefit schemes are moving towards self-sufficiency, partly because we need to secure defined benefits for people who have earned a pension from their company and partly because we need  … Continue reading

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Superfunds and COVID-19

In a very good overview of superfunds, Jo Cumbo and the FT explain the new option available to the 5000+ employers sponsoring DB schemes on what Guy Opperman calls their spectrum of choice. Jo makes clear that superfunds are not … Continue reading

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Opperman – pensions are for the long term

  It was good to see Guy Opperman speaking at Professional Pensions Live. This is my take on his speech and the direction of Government pension’s policy as we come out of lock-down and into the summer recess! Recently Guy  … Continue reading

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Convince or collapse – the options for small DB schemes in the next decade.

    We stand on the cusp of the third decade of the 21st century. That decade is likely to see small DB schemes collapse into consolidators or stand firm with renewed conviction. I wonder if I will still be … Continue reading

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