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Pension Superfunds are more than the “poor man’s buy-out”

The Government has radically changed its position on pension superfunds, at last giving feedback on its 2018 consultation and making clear that pension superfunds are helpful to pension consolidation and support the wider aims of the Treasury. The response to … Continue reading

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Do pension superfunds have super powers?

Do pension superfunds have super-powers? The phrase “pension superfund” has been hijacked by the Tony Blair Institute to mean a not for profit investment fund that swallows up pension money from DB , DC from the PPF and maybe the … Continue reading

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Fairer pensions? We must address both DB and DC as one.

  I hope that the DWP and its new Minister for Pensions will focus on increasing fairness between those who have a DB and those who have a DC promise when it sets out its new package of DC reforms … Continue reading

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Disruptive Capital – disrupted pensions – Antony Barker – this morning – Pension PlayPen

Antony Barker has done more than most to shake up the complacencies of the pension industry. Tomorrow he will be taking questions and giving us his unique views on how pensions are travelling back to the future. Actuary, Father to … Continue reading

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A Super-Haven for DC pots? – Adrian Boulding

I was genuinely excited to attend the Pension Playpen interview with Edi Truell. As well as his work on Superfunds as a Buy Out vehicle for old final salary schemes, which is of only tangential interest to me, Edi also … Continue reading

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Adam Saron – a true gent.

  I will use a very old fashioned word and say I feel like a real “heel”, this morning. My mother says it a lot so I’m not inclined to google its origination. Best left that I feel like a … Continue reading

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Truell give pensions good tidings of comfort and joy.

  In a tour de force at yesterday’s conference on pension scheme “endgame, middle-game and long-game“,  Edi Truell vowed to open his Pension Superfund to savers wanting to convert thier pots to pensions. Truell is planning, once his Superfund is … Continue reading

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Convince or collapse – the options for small DB schemes in the next decade.

    We stand on the cusp of the third decade of the 21st century. That decade is likely to see small DB schemes collapse into consolidators or stand firm with renewed conviction. I wonder if I will still be … Continue reading

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