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Boomers – confused! Does my generation get “retirement”?

Dunstan Thomas has published a consumer study that tells me what I knew from personal experience, that my generation – “the boomers”, don’t know much about retiring or retirement.  Here is how it announces itself. Exploring Baby Boomers’ Lengthening Journeys … Continue reading

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August 1st – CDC day!

The 1st August is the day applications open for a new type of UK pension – what pension people know as CDC (though in regulation it is collective money purchase). It’s been a long time in the making, but today … Continue reading

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Adrian Boulding – let’s look back with wonder!

Seven years ago I walked into this office above Tesco Bishopsgate. Sitting alongside many talented people I’ve watched as NOW: Pensions has gone from strength to strength. Last day today. pic.twitter.com/xKP97OMr18 — Adrian Boulding (@AdrianBoulding) July 28, 2022 When Adrian … Continue reading

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A Super-Haven for DC pots? – Adrian Boulding

I was genuinely excited to attend the Pension Playpen interview with Edi Truell. As well as his work on Superfunds as a Buy Out vehicle for old final salary schemes, which is of only tangential interest to me, Edi also … Continue reading

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Is the VFM of a pension scheme best measured by contribution rates?

The PPI have been asked  “What can other countries teach the UK about measuring Value for Money in pension schemes?” and asked by the Pensions Regulator. The answer is 55 pages long and involves a detailed analysis of the impact … Continue reading

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Do you want to pay school fees for your pension?

  In this article, I challenge the pension industry to consider its promise to those saving for retirement – implicit in the phrase of “a pension plan“. My challenge is “where is the planned pension?” In an interesting article on … Continue reading

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The small pots working group find a progressive way to grasp the nettle

  Almost as important as its findings, the constitution and delivery of the small schemes working group is an exciting foretaste of a new way of working for the DWP and its pension policy unit.  The 86 page report that … Continue reading

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Respect small pension pots, they simmer our dreams

I was lucky to be invited to listen to Chris Curry yesterday at a DWP convened meeting to think about the issues around small pots. Much of the information discussed was proprietary to the DWP so I can’t share the … Continue reading

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Could small pots be auto-enrolment’s lethal legacy?

50m at 2050 I spoke with Adrian Boulding last week on the issue of small pots. There are various estimates of the likely extent of the problem, the one I quote comes from DWP research which suggests that unless something … Continue reading

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Pot consolidation doesn’t need alchemy – it needs common purpose and leadership

  The case for Government intervention on “small pots” is made very well by Dirk Paterson It is indeed time for Government intervention, but the choices are many and each has its issues. The danger of relying on Government intervention … Continue reading

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