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CDC and “designer’s folly” – Stefan Lundbergh

  Collective DC, and other whole of life solutions, look great on paper but they are also a perpetual source of debate. When it comes to pension design, I have identified two common practices which, in my opinion, could be labelled … Continue reading

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Charles Counsell hands on the poisoned chalice

It’s been a year since TPR appointed Sarah Smart as Chair and her anniversary is marked by news that Charles Counsell will not be seeking a second four year term as CEO. Sarah Smart brought youth and feminity to a … Continue reading

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A Super-Haven for DC pots? – Adrian Boulding

I was genuinely excited to attend the Pension Playpen interview with Edi Truell. As well as his work on Superfunds as a Buy Out vehicle for old final salary schemes, which is of only tangential interest to me, Edi also … Continue reading

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Stepping towards the “Pension Pathway”.

I am using this post-Christmas hiatus to think about how we could create a Pension Pathway for our retirement savings.  A Pension Pathway would pay us a reasonable wage in retirement without involving the need for financial advice. Here are … Continue reading

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“Can we have our money back?” Pension PlayPen lunch- Monday

Monday 4th Feb – 12.30 – Counting House, 50 Cornhill   At this lunch we will be discussing whether we are doing enough to help people claim on their pension pots and get their money back as they would like. … Continue reading

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“Rape and Kill” – why the public are turning off retirement advice.

Thanks to the PPI for the second Future Book – Unravelling Workplace Pensions. The 2016 Edition of the PPI’s study on workplace pension is published today. Getting data on the state of workplace pensions has always been tricky. If you … Continue reading

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Confusing intermediaries

Whether we are talking about saving (accumulation) or spending (decumulation) the issue is the same. Continue reading

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How to spend your pension -a further blog from Con Keating

    If you haven’t read Con’s three previous blogs on this subject (which IMO form the most lucid contribution to the decumulation debate so far) – search Con Keating in the search box at the top of this page. … Continue reading

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When spending your retirement pot – the first 5 years are vital – Con Keating

The process of converting retirement savings assets into an income, which has come to be known as decumulation, needs first to be placed in context. The decumulation phase of retirement savings is that period when an income is drawn from … Continue reading

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Let’s not get caught with our trousers down (again).

The reason we have NEST and its £400m debt to the tax-payer is that the private sector refused to commit to supporting auto-enrolment ten years ago. If the organisations like Legal & General, Standard Life and Aviva , could have … Continue reading

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