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“Jobsworth” -Con Keating casts doubt on DWP’s lifetime jobs data

Pots of Money? One of the most commonly cited statistics associated with the discussion of small pots and their consolidation is that we hold, on average, eleven jobs in a working lifetime – and that this number is tending to … Continue reading

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We need pensions not pots

10m UK pensioners risk running out of money — poll https://t.co/LTEpRsBNXS — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) August 26, 2021 We are busy saving into pots that provide no pensions and turning future pensions into pension pots. Let’s be clear, we are … Continue reading

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Three little pots went to market

The point of this blog is to show 1. One way of avoiding the damaging impact of the MPAA on future saving 2. The depth of knowledge needed to make good at retirement decisions (especially where there is no adviser … Continue reading

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Death by 10 million pots – how to solve the small pot crisis

  There are 10 million new savers into workplace pensions. If every saver changed jobs 10 time, that would mean 100 million new pension pots- unless some means of rationalising pot proliferation can be found. The DWP estimate that by … Continue reading

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