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TPR on the challenge of turning pots to pensions

Helping savers to access their DC pensions savings: the principles that will guide us, the challenges we must address 15 November 2023 / louisedavey Nobel Prize-winning economist William Sharpe once described accessing pension savings as the “nastiest, hardest problem in finance”. Indeed, … Continue reading

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We’ve mislaid £26bn of pension savings – this is not an imaginary problem!

This blog focusses on a very real problem of perhaps 5% of everyone saving for their retirement. They can’t find their money. I argue that we are obsessed with the imaginary consequences of people taking control of their pension pots … Continue reading

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Pensions are stranded off-line; this must change!

Alistair “@HelloMcQueen “McQueen has the knack of finding insights where others fail to look. Here he is showing us how our behavior has changed radically as a result of a little spikey ball that none but scientists has seen and … Continue reading

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