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“Green pensions” consultation gets record response.

According to my sources at DWP, the consultation on how trustees of DC occupational pensions (including master trusts) listen to members views on “matters green” got record numbers of respondents – over 3,500. Apart from the consultation on pension  following the British … Continue reading

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AE – a day of reckoning to come?

More of us are saving, but we aren’t saving any more. The democratisation of pension saving – arising from auto-enrolment is a great thing – everyone can dare to dream of stopping work under their own power. But there is … Continue reading

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DWP’s silence on dashboards helps nobody.

We are now in Mid- August. “Summer’s lease has all too short a date”, the promised announcement on the “feasibility” of the pension dashboard looks like slipping to the autumn. Meanwhile over 100,000 people each quarter reach 55 , a … Continue reading

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Thinking the unthinkable – Frank’s at it again!

For a third inquiry in a row, Frank Field and the Work and Pensions Committee (WPC) – are asking difficult questions that need proper answers. Firstly they asked if the pension freedoms were working – a question that led to … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann’s right about dashboards.

It’s good to see Ros Altmann contributing to the debate on the pension dashboard – it’s particularly good that she chose to do so on this blog. (comments). For those who don’t press links – here’s what she has to … Continue reading

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Isn’t the “dashboard” already obsolete?

If you follow pension news stories, you’ll know that the Work and Pensions Secretary has been anything but enthusiastic about her department’s commitment to produce a pension dashboard by 2019. The Government first proposed it could it help in 2016 … Continue reading

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Can “for profit” prosper? Yes – but we need dashboards that profit us all.

There is a strong tradition in this country of delivering services through “not for profit” organisations. Such organisations have been self-sustainable because of the endowments or trust funds that support their management. The most obvious manifestation of the not for … Continue reading

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