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If you have a NINO – use it! Why we should share our personal data on pension dashboards.

  As well as explaining the missing millions owed to Mums by the DWP, Steve Webb brought up an interesting issue for the Pensions Dashboard. Because not every dashboard user has a national insurance number, the “Nino” will not be … Continue reading

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Bigger Pots and Bigger Pensions through Open Finance

‘Breaking Banks: A blueprint for Open Finance that puts customers first’ puts forward a series of recommendations to help create a functional Open Finance ecosystem in a post-Brexit economy. Within the report, COADEC calls for the UK government to break … Continue reading

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Open pensions today – pension dashboards tomorrow!

Tired of manana? The Pension dashboard will arrive one day, but when it does it will be a pension finding service. If what you’re waiting for is a way to bring your pensions together then there are plenty of dashboards … Continue reading

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How can pensions be giving savers VFM but not be dashboard ready?

  Outcomes for dough, portals for show! Over the weekend, I’ve been thinking about how I can judge the quality of service I receive from my pension provider. As a consumer there are a number of things I would like … Continue reading

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When will pensions move out of the “paper age”?

Today the Pensions Bill will sit within the Queen’s speech and within the Pensions Bill will be proposed legislation to make it mandatory for pension schemes of all DC persuasions , to provide digital data to a pension dashboard. The … Continue reading

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