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Should data be popular?

It was once so easy.. Flattening the curve was a quick and easy answer to the pandemic and was dressed up to give us comfort. So long as we survived the initial onslaught we could return to normal. So Kitty … Continue reading

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Personal bests ;- the cyclo-menace.

Having wittered on about the value of data for the past five years I am now going to strop about cyclists measuring their performance on the streets of London. I am a bumbling Boris Biker and I my top speed … Continue reading

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Care homes – the elephant is out the room

We can take as the roughest of approximations that the numbers dying in care or at home is about half of the number in hospitals.   That would mean that the number who have died outside hospital by now  (April … Continue reading

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“Fifty shades of nay” – how hard should it be to get digital access to your data?

Providers are always finding new ways to stop AgeWage getting the data authorised us by letters of authority (LOA). Even when an individual signs an LOA – and the insurer is legally required to act on it – the struggle … Continue reading

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Lord share their data – but not yet!

Augustine’s wayward prayer – “Lord, make me holy – but not yet”, sprung to mind as I sat with the dashboardistas in Parliament yesterday. The Government’s “Pensions Dashboards – working together for the consumer” is a pretty vague document which … Continue reading

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Workplace pensions – who gives a flying feck what’s going on?

  Data or opinion? What’s the best measure of value? Most investors when looking for evidence and would prefer to trust data. Opinion is now measured by “the crowd”, the wisdom of a great number of people is turned into data. … Continue reading

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Public transport – I mean PUBLIC transport! – guest blog from Jayson Dudley.

  Another trip to back from Paris today and I’m no longer surprised at the lack of awareness people have when using their mobile phones, so let me recount a couple of stories from my early days in Information Security … Continue reading

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From frustration to disruption – how SMEs prosper!

Over the weekend I got a passionate note from a regular correspondent. Here it is – with the target of his frustration omitted! The concept of a TPA being paid twice is very common. The main culprit is Cxxxxx They have … Continue reading

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Meaninglessly big data.

I don’t like this infographic, it just appeared on my twitter feed to attract me to an article that would lead me to the conclusion that I was helpless and needed the assistance of some organisation to create me a … Continue reading

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Pension schemes can learn from occupational health data.

It’s long been known that the best way of valuing the pension liabilities of the employees of a company is to look at historical data of previous generations as a starting point. The class of 2004, 1994 or even 1954 can teach … Continue reading

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