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Shift to bonds chokes health of UK pension funds!

One of the best things about working for First Actuarial is our resolute refusal to see the world any way but our way! As common sense (pragmatism) is what guides us, we are happy to have the courage of our … Continue reading

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Why can’t we talk about investment returns?

  Investment performance has become a taboo – a “no go zone”. This suits the auto-enrolment agenda which is “comply or die”, but NEST has broken ranks and asked defaqto to publish comparative investment performance and it was right to … Continue reading

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“Why do we see pensions like that?” Assumptions behind the FAB Index

This week we published the FAB index (FABI) which shows the way we see the state of this nation’s defined benefit pensions. “We” means First Actuarial, I work for First Actuarial. We want to paint a picture of the pensions … Continue reading

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Hilary Salt gets a touch of the William Blakes!

Arise you actuaries from your slumber (guest blog from Hilary Salt) I’ve found the last few weeks exhilarating. For the first time in perhaps 30 years, there’s been a real political debate in Britain. A debate where it clearly mattered … Continue reading

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IFAs and actuaries – as easy as “A Cap B”.

For half of the 30 years I’ve been advising people, I was paid by private individuals to help them take difficult financial decisions. For the other half, I’ve been paid by employers to help their staff take difficult decisions. This … Continue reading

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Pension schemes can learn from occupational health data.

It’s long been known that the best way of valuing the pension liabilities of the employees of a company is to look at historical data of previous generations as a starting point. The class of 2004, 1994 or even 1954 can teach … Continue reading

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Pensions -born free and everywhere in chains!

There’s a question going round that will bemuse 99% of us , but is of some importance to the 1% who are involved in the CDC debate. “Can we just leave it to actuaries to set the discount rate for … Continue reading

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What’s this Mallowstreet thing?

If you are in any way connected to pensions, even if you know nothing of me then please read through this and if you like what you here, contact me on henry.h.tapper@googlemail.com and I’ll be happy to help you if you’d like to know more. Continue reading

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