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Is CDC more threatened by regulation than markets?

CDC and Stochastic Investment Returns Con Keating and Iain Clacher In an earlier blog we examined the decumulation performance of CDC schemes under deterministic investment returns and inflation This blog considers the excessive volatility and the wildness of outcome introduced … Continue reading

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Paritarian Pensions – Straw Men for Collective Defined Contribution Schemes

This note has been written to accompany a Pensions Management Institute virtual panel taking place on April 22nd on the topic of CDC pensions. It takes, as a straw man for some of the issues, a recent blog by Stefan … Continue reading

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A counterblast to apostasy – Keating and Clacher hold the faith!

  A blog from the pens of  Con Keating and Iain Clacher Henry Tapper has been our eyes and ears on social media and has passed us a variety of questions that have been sent to him on twitter. He’s … Continue reading

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A sense of proportion; (Keating and Clacher on insolvencies and the PPF)

In this article, Keating and Clacher consider corporate insolvencies and their impact on the PPF – they call for a sense of proportion. Last year DB pension schemes paid £65 billion in pension benefits to pensioners; the PPF paid £775 … Continue reading

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Track records matter – but which track?

This gallery contains 2 photos.

            There is a fascinating thread building in the comments section of my post on Value Assessments and False Prophets.  In this blog I try to pick out the key dynamics of the comments and … Continue reading

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Clacher and Keating blog “Bowles to the Regulator”.

We have received and responded to over one hundred questions, comments and criticisms arising from them. Not one has come from the Pensions Regulator. We have no evidence that the Regulator is listening to us or anyone else. Constructive engagement requires constructive listening, not selective hearing. Continue reading

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A different approach to pension scheme solvency and funding.

Solvency and Funding This is the second of our blogs answering questions which arose from our original essay written in response to the proposed DB Funding Code. It covers issues of solvency and funding. Solvency estimation involves the comparison of … Continue reading

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