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The impact of inflation on those with lowest pensions.

Inflation is at a thirty year high. It will hurt the poor much harder than the rich. This is why. Woke up this morning to the radio talking about the cost of living rising a further 5%. It infuriates me … Continue reading

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IFAs looking for alternatives to drawdown

I’ve been following a debate on twitter which includes several friends. Following rather than participating as I suspect I would express myself too vehemently and spoil the delicate balance that has been maintained between skepticism and endorsement of a third … Continue reading

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DIY drawdown – your pension, your risk- your choice?

Over the weekend, three people pointed me to the article Don Ezra wrote for the FT. It’s a very good article and one of the best arguments I’ve read to explain why US Economist and Nobel Prize winner Bill Sharpe … Continue reading

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Pension Bee calls MaPS pathway tool “not fit for purpose”

A few weeks back, the Money and Pension Service(MaPS) published a comparison site to help people choose an investment pathway and then decide the best products to use when they’ve made the choice. Confusingly , the URL for the site … Continue reading

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Why , given half a chance – most DC savers will “invest” in cash.

In my article today about CDC, I mention that DC is unable to do what CDC can do, which is keep people invested in retirement. The FCA’s Retirement Income survey data shows that the vast majority of redemptions from personal pensions … Continue reading

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Some thoughts for IGCs and Providers on investment pathways.

It’s nice to get into conversation with Peter Robertson, who I know as the first man promoting Vanguard in the UK but many know as the doyen of Standard Life International. Peter sent me an article he’s written directed at … Continue reading

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QE cooked the 4% rule and LCP explain why.

Dan Mikulskis and Phil Boyle have produced an epic as one of LCP’s “on point” papers. The 4% rule is one of the few rules of thumb that we are left to cling on to when facing what Bill Sharpe … Continue reading

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Investing to secure defined outcomes

This is Stuart Fowler‘s first post on this blog. I am very pleased he is sharing this essay which focuses on the difficult challenge of investing for a pension. When I met the Chairman of the FCA I asked him if … Continue reading

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A user’s guide to AgeWage.com

As regular readers will know,  I campaign for better information to be made available to savers about their pension pots and to help people understand their pot, have formed a company, AgeWage.  AgeWage.com helps people make sense of their pots … Continue reading

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Nest nudge pension freedoms to one side

Are you saving into NEST? Around 8 million Brits are and I’m currently one of them. I was looking at what AgeWage signed me up to and found out some surprising things Firstly I am soon to turn 60 and … Continue reading

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