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No one should ever have to buy a poor annuity again.

I’ve just read an article that could best be described as smug. It’s written by a lawyer in the financial regulation team of Foot Anstey – Alan Hughes. I don’t know Alan but I know his firm and have a … Continue reading

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What price certainty? (Boring blog on annuities and drawdown)

In financial matters, certainty comes at a price. Is it a price that I’m prepared to pay? I’ve been putting myself in the shoes of a friend who is around the same age as me (57) and is hoping to … Continue reading

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Bosses + trustees talk “pension choices” too!

This blog looks at what the FCA is planning to do to regulate the way unadvised drawdown plans are presented to customers. This follows the publication on a further policy paper from the FCA – CP 19/21 The point of … Continue reading

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How do you choose your pension drawdown provider?

Between 94% and 75% of us (depending on which official estimate you follow), are not paying for advice. Unadvised drawdown is likely to become more common – unless the mass market advice market revives. Although the banks and insurers are … Continue reading

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FCA to tame the drawdown bucking bronco!

  Yesterday was a good news day for people concerned about retirement income. The FCA made two meaningful statements on what it intends to do to help ordinary people trying to manage their in retirement finances. The first was the … Continue reading

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Launching CDC into a bear market.

The paper below is one of two that models what happens when CDC hits bad markets. I guess this one could be likened to launching a lifeboat into a stormy sea. CDC makes headway – but it’s tough. Imagine you’d … Continue reading

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We can’t reopen closed railways or pensions – but we can build anew

How does #CDC help the individual saver in a falling market as you claim….? @henryhtapper https://t.co/PbsnbcXwku — John Ralfe (@JohnRalfe1) December 26, 2018 When I wrote this blog on Boxing Day about “coping with falling markets” – I did not … Continue reading

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Time for a re-think on drawdown practice? – Clive Waller

  This article by Clive Waller is great because it comes from a good heart. Many advisers reading it will not find it good at all, it calls into question the sustainability of their business model. Many of their customers, who probably … Continue reading

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Why do people take pension choices that make them sad?

I’ve been reading a short report by Demos for Legal and General. L&G provide annuities and want to understand  the fall in the numbers of annuities purchased. The retirement riddle is that the choices people are taken since the pension … Continue reading

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“How can I have my money back” – the question pension savers dare not ask!

Here is the first page of the two page illustration suggested by Ruston Smith and Quietroom. I will say again that I am impressed that Ruston Smith and Quietroom have got consensus from a variety of regulators to get their … Continue reading

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