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Employer pension theft on the rise.

NEW: Employers confronted over missing #pension contributions https://t.co/N77bt8hQFT — Josephine Cumbo (@JosephineCumbo) January 20, 2023 I wish the FT would make this article free to view, it has become a preoccupation of its author and other than Ros Altmann, whose … Continue reading

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Guess what! USS isn’t bust any more!

To no great surprise for readers of this blog, the notional deficit on the USS pension scheme has all but gone away , at least according to an interim valuation of assets and liabilities in March this year. In two … Continue reading

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Ensuring fair pensions for us all?

“It is time to turn the dial back from financial individualism towards an approach that gives the young better hope of a decent retirement”. My heart missed a beat and my Fitbit tells me it is pumping at a greatly … Continue reading

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Compassion for the pension liberated

  We have two strong women to thank for today’s news; Jo Cumbo and Margaret Snowden. I could add other strong women who have stood up and fought for themselves having been scammed – Sue Flood and Manita Khuller , … Continue reading

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Pension’s race to net-zero

  Tomorrow, employers can choose to participate in a pension plan whose standard investment strategy will  decelerate the creation of carbon emissions to zero.  This article looks beyond the headline and asks what the impact of this bold move will … Continue reading

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Are defaults enough? Or do we need compulsion?

  Well I’m back from 10 days in India where I saw the very rich and the very poor but not much in the middle. I saw some very fine architecture which showed me what can be done when people … Continue reading

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Small employers need a voice in the AE review

Yesterday I reported on the male hegemony of the three chairs of the advisory groups for the Automatic Review. There is a little diversity in the composition of the rest of the group. It’s comforting to see familiar names who … Continue reading

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Is there a”pensions opposition”? Thoughts on #TUCpensions

I wasn’t at the TUC Conference, having a Conservative membership has closed a few doors and I didn’t want to make some awkward by insisting. My colleague Hilary Salt spoke and the event was capably relayed by Josephine Cumbo and others. … Continue reading

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Put up or shut up Otto – how are you paying back our money?

If you weren’t in Liverpool for last week’s PLSA conference, do not slit your wrists. You can watch the sessions on youtube. If you want to hear how product providers see the challenges on them and us- from the remaining … Continue reading

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The Transparency Zeitgeist is upon us

I am a frugal man, the £3.50 I paid for this morning’s FT was grudgingly passed to my newsagent. But I wanted to capture the headline and read about Josephine’s reporting of a meeting with my friends Andy Agethangelou and … Continue reading

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