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Compassion for the pension liberated

  We have two strong women to thank for today’s news; Jo Cumbo and Margaret Snowden. I could add other strong women who have stood up and fought for themselves having been scammed – Sue Flood and Manita Khuller , … Continue reading

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Retirement’s also about debt

If you look at the Trustee board for StepChange, Britain’s largest charity dealing with the impact of debt, you will see three people familiar to the pension community Sue Lewis (right) – now a trustee of People’s Pension and formerly … Continue reading

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What is going on at MAPS?

I want MAPS to succeed. It needs an experienced person as its CEO who understands pensions. Here’s MAPS’ news as  Pension Age presents it. The Money and Pensions Service (Maps) chief executive officer, John Govett, has resigned eight months into … Continue reading

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TPR boxes clever with a TKO ( may yet be a final round).

  It’s been a bad week and a good week for tPR. Lesley Titcomb was clearly fed up with being bashed over the head by Frank Field over Carillion, though Field must be suffering from repetitive strain injuries himself. There is … Continue reading

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USS – the plot thickens!

Correspondence has emerged between the various macro-stakeholders in the USS “pension deficit” The cast in order of appearance Frank Field – Chair Elect of the Work and Pensions Committee. Here he is kicking off correspondence in August with….     … Continue reading

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Restoring victim’s confidence in pensions

The confidence I have in pensions is because I know the people who are at the helm give a damn. I am lucky, I can bump into them in all kinds of ways. It is easy for me to say … Continue reading

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Why the messages on pension fraud need all of us!

We will never know the extend of fraudulent pension liberation (the type where people’s retirement savings are liberated to the fraudster’s bank accounts). People who are scammed tend to keep that information to themselves, consigning themselves to the mental torment … Continue reading

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Balancing the long and short term consequences of pensions.

Lesley Titcomb is the Pensions Regulator; in this blog – first published here – she explains the balance she has to maintain between the various interest groups that want to have a say. If you read my blog yesterday, you’ll … Continue reading

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A Regulator that can look after herself

  My favourite moment from an afternoon spent watching Parliament TV’s absorbing proceedings was when Lesley Titcomb, Pension Regulator turned to the Chair of the DWP Select Committee and smiled “If I need more powers, I know exactly how to … Continue reading

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Corporate Myopia

“Myopia” medically means short-sighted, in business a company is myopic if it cannot see the bigger picture. Businesses get short-sighted easily enough, typically when they do not need to try very hard and can concentrate on maximising return on easy wins. … Continue reading

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