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“Focused, faster and more frequent” – tPR unmasks “Friendly” Pensions.

When the Pensions Regulator launched its corporate plan in April of last year, I wasn’t the only person to be a little sceptical. “Intervening more frequently and acting quicker?” – the proof is in the pudding and the pudding had … Continue reading

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Restoring victim’s confidence in pensions

The confidence I have in pensions is because I know the people who are at the helm give a damn. I am lucky, I can bump into them in all kinds of ways. It is easy for me to say … Continue reading

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When someone takes you over – stealing your e-mail identity

At 7.50 yesterday I logged onto my Gmail account in Leeds  to find a message saying I’d changed my password twenty minutes before. Twenty minutes later I got a call from a friend in Australia that I’d asked him for money to … Continue reading

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You don’t make friends with salad

Now we know- I was right, my Mum was wrong and angry organomums at Sainsburys are terrorists. Continue reading

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Hotel Demented ; The Pensioner Playpen

Following my visit to Hotel Stupid earlier in the month, I am now reporting from Hotel Demented ; aka  Jardines de Nivaria – Tenerife. If Gordon and William want to know what happened to all that tax free cash from UK pensions, they … Continue reading

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Those lazy Latinos- they’re all bigots

Those lazy Latinos- they’re all bigots Continue reading

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