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Who need’s a factory gate when there’s google

Update***** Update****Update***** Update*****Update*****Update The ad below appeared this morning as the top Google Ad on the search “Carillion pensions”.  I asked the FCA and tPR to ask for it to be taken down shortly after and it has been taken … Continue reading

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Wankerati and proud of it. My day at the Battle of Ideas.

I’m taking time out from slipping up and down the Thames on Lady Lucy to attend the Battle of Ideas . By the end of this weekend, I’ll have been to 10 debates on everything from “Are dating apps the end … Continue reading

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Balancing the long and short term consequences of pensions.

Lesley Titcomb is the Pensions Regulator; in this blog – first published here – she explains the balance she has to maintain between the various interest groups that want to have a say. If you read my blog yesterday, you’ll … Continue reading

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Time to tell it to people straight?

There is no engineering miracle that will put Britain’s pensions back on track. Indeed many people have never been to the station. The guaranteed pensions that flourished at a time of high interest rates and commensurate growth in the stock market … Continue reading

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“A bit of a balls up- to be frank!”

If you turn left out of the back of the Treasury and walk down to Caxton Street you’ll find the offices of the DWP. If you turn right out of Caxton Street, you’ll come to the Treasury, it’s a five minute … Continue reading

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Care or hubris? – How Tesco got in such a pensions mess.

Every little helps? The right old mess that Tesco has found itself in , is blamed partially on its mishandling of its pension strategy. How can an organisation with the motto “every little counts” have such a large pension deficit? … Continue reading

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The Happy Manifesto – from “Happy” Henry Stewart

The Happy Manifesto sets out a vision of happier workplaces. It is based on what organisations might look like if how they were organised and managed was decided by the people who are managed. What does this mean in practice? Here is a first … Continue reading

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You can’t please everyone so please yourself

Some people live for themselves, others live selflessly but most of us find our worth in the value others place in them. If you depend on the value others see in you for your sel-worth, your life will be an emotional … Continue reading

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When someone takes you over – stealing your e-mail identity

At 7.50 yesterday I logged onto my Gmail account in Leeds  to find a message saying I’d changed my password twenty minutes before. Twenty minutes later I got a call from a friend in Australia that I’d asked him for money to … Continue reading

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