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The 6 People You Need in Your Corner

I voted for the Taskmaster Continue reading

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“How to keep these blogging jonnies in line”

On-line reputations are hard-won and easily lost.               We are all prey to hackers who can range from the nuisance (mafia family on twitter) to the violently disruptive (where accounts are taken over as happened to … Continue reading

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You can’t please everyone so please yourself

Some people live for themselves, others live selflessly but most of us find our worth in the value others place in them. If you depend on the value others see in you for your sel-worth, your life will be an emotional … Continue reading

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Domestic bliss at Christmas

Christmas domestic bliss has been in short supply at the Tapper’s ancestral home. Some member’s of the family remember a happy Christmas Day in 1975 but we seem to have been in permanent warfare ever since. This year, the major issues … Continue reading

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Welcome to my (Facebook) world

The time has come to reorganise the pensions message so it can fit on the screen of a mobile phone and is worthy of sitting in Facebook in boxes and on Facebook walls.
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