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What’s done is done, what’s said is said

This blog is about social media “presence”, it is also about self-worth. I received this Direct Message on twitter today Writing to ask that you remove two of your 2014 blog posts from search engine indexing. I’m not very happy … Continue reading

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Credit where credit is due – how those outside of work get a pension

This blog’s mainly about public service information. But it’s also about influence and how people get it. It was sparked by my reading some stuff on twitter about why we should all be checking our entitlement to the new state pension and … Continue reading

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is LinkedIn making us lazy?

I’ve just had an interesting conversation with my brother Greg. Greg runs part of a recruitment firm. He is concerned that many of his team prefer to assess the quality of candidates using proxies for worth such as the number of … Continue reading

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You can’t please everyone so please yourself

Some people live for themselves, others live selflessly but most of us find our worth in the value others place in them. If you depend on the value others see in you for your sel-worth, your life will be an emotional … Continue reading

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My five big challenges for twenty twelve

If I thought I’d be here twelve months ago I wouldn’t have bothered. I’d have gone straight to jail, not passed go and not collected my £200. I reckon most of us would have preferred to be on the subs … Continue reading

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