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What’s done is done, what’s said is said

This blog is about social media “presence”, it is also about self-worth. I received this Direct Message on twitter today Writing to ask that you remove two of your 2014 blog posts from search engine indexing. I’m not very happy … Continue reading

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FCA – kicking the transfer can down the road

£37bn flowed out of DB schemes last year in transfers, the vast majority of the money was transferred with the help of IFAs and the vast majority of IFAs charge for transfer advice on a contingent basis. To ordinary people … Continue reading

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Room 101 for BT Fon

Join me if you would like the appallingly intrusive BT Fon service banished to room 101. The ridiculous pay as you go service is like the unwanted guest who turns up uninvited at your every event. BT Fon sits on … Continue reading

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Meaninglessly big data.

I don’t like this infographic, it just appeared on my twitter feed to attract me to an article that would lead me to the conclusion that I was helpless and needed the assistance of some organisation to create me a … Continue reading

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What’s that coming over the hill…? NAPF CDC DEBATE #Fail

  The NAPF CDC Debate The debate on how we organise our retirement incomes from our pension savings was not progressed at the NAPF’s CDC focussed pension connections meeting last night. A half filled room witnessing a debate between two “Pale … Continue reading

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Fear of feedback

Everyone knows what social media does. For every blog there are comments, every forum has its threads, some twitter conversations last for weeks. It is the interaction between author and reader that makes it distinctive. The “Letter in the Times” … Continue reading

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