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Can pensions find a unified voice?

There are no great and good anymore- the availability of information has meant a democratisation and demystification of the pensions hieirarchy. The information revolution has done for the pensions oligarchy what usury did for feududalism and it’s not taken 100 years, it hasn’t taken 100 months!
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What’s my “NEST” egg going to be worth?

While we continue to debate what a national savings scheme should be called, pensioners continue to shiver and the nation is no closer to a pensions solution for lower earners than when stakeholder pensions were first mooted 14 years ago. Continue reading

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An employee whose job was to be sacked

Customer service has improved little in the last fourty years. This story demonstrates the high standards that once existed in one of our leading Department Stores. Continue reading

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Long live workplace savings

If you work for a big company- the chances are you own shares in your employer. Watch out over the next couple of years for some interesting developments! Continue reading

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