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From Denham to Sier – a 1% world!

  You know how sometimes a little fact gets stuck in your head for no apparent reason? Back in 1998, I was reading an article by the then Pensions Minister John Denham. He stated that if we could reduce the … Continue reading

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Professional Pension Awards 2010

Great to see nearly 1000 people having a good time. Well done Jonathan Stapleton and his team and thanks for the invite.
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We don’t like asking- but we love to be asked. Continue reading

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Can pensions find a unified voice?

There are no great and good anymore- the availability of information has meant a democratisation and demystification of the pensions hieirarchy. The information revolution has done for the pensions oligarchy what usury did for feududalism and it’s not taken 100 years, it hasn’t taken 100 months!
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Dead Souls- what can trustees do about their DC deferreds?

DC deferreds are a problem. The problem is not being addressed even though solutions exist. There is no forum for discussing problems like this and there needs to be. Continue reading

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Trustee to banker

I suppose that I’d better be frank
I’m not at my best in a bank
I don’t understand oddities-
Swaps and commodaties
If that cheque is miine- leave it blank Continue reading

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Peter Booker- Funeral- Monday 26th October- Maidstone

Peter Booker was a very kind, generous and funny man who worked tirelessly to make occupational pensions better, serving on the NAPF Council and running a number of large pension plans. He had for some years been gravely ill and … Continue reading

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Check out my Guestbook!

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Ofgem are right to close a pensions scam

The unions need to be reminded that the cost of energy increases falls hardest on the poorest members of society and in defending the “legal right” of a group of companies not to manage their pension costs, they are condemning the poorest in society to greater hardship.
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Chelsea versus Tottenham

Good things come in threes Continue reading

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