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Sanctions as they affect UK football clubs.

On the one hand it’s extremely funny what is happening to Chelsea Football Club, and on the other hand, it is also the morally righteous thing to do. — Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) March 10, 2022 “We all support Ukraine but … Continue reading

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Leicester City – a parable

champione***champione*** champione***champione***champione   The whole nation knows the value of winning the Premier League to Leicester City. The value of Leicester winning it is greatest just before it’s won. This blog was published the morning of the day when Leicester became Premier … Continue reading

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Mourinho – The art of the rant

  Jose Mourinho has put himself in a happy position. No matter how outrageous his contentions, they have a positive impact. The press hang on his every word, the people who buy papers and watch television feel the passion and … Continue reading

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“They run more – they jump more” Why Chelsea are better than Barca

I love this Pepe Gardiola man. He knows what makes a good football team and Chelsea are a good team – come on “they run more-they jump more”. It’s a shame they weren’t entered for the Grand National though the Weston … Continue reading

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Post not that ye be not judged

“Relying” on on-line profiles is a problem that needs attention from us all, not just those in Government. Continue reading

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Chelsea versus Tottenham

Good things come in threes Continue reading

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