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Common sense needed on transfers

Whether you’re moving house or moving money, the process is fraught. We are no closer to pots following member than when the “portable personal pension” was established in 1987. The friction involved in moving money from scheme to scheme, fund … Continue reading

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Glastonbury – Johnny’s still alive.

  There was a touching moment in Patti Smith’s set on the final day of Glastonbury. I’d always thought that Land was about the Johnny’s suicide, I’m glad that Johnny (and Rock and Roll) survive In the late 70’s, “Horses”, … Continue reading

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Should workplace pensions have a duty of candour?

We seem to have learned nothing from the Office of Fair Trading report on workplace pensions. In case you’ve forgotten, the OFT reported they’d never encountered such  poor purchasing as with employers purchasing pensions for their staff. What has been … Continue reading

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Why due diligence is soooooooo important!

  Yesterday I wrote about pension charges and the difference between poor practice and malpractice . At some point the value for money swing-ometre  tips into rip-off territory and it’s almost always when those managing its costs of a scheme, stop acting … Continue reading

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Bad practice or malpractice?

Johnson hath spoken! Michael is one of the few people who owes the financial services industry nothing. His voice is independent and trustworthy and his latest contribution to the debate on how we fund our retirement is welcome Pensions are … Continue reading

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The Plowman gets off his high-horse!

Yesterday I published an article that allowed me to get off my high horse about “informed choice” and think pragmatically about how small employers are going to go about choosing a pension. I reckon most people like choice , but … Continue reading

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The lady’s not for turning.

For reasons that weren’t particularly obvious , a random group crammed into a much too small committee room in the House of Lords on Wednesday night for a round table with the new pensions minister. It was a hot day that … Continue reading

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Getting it right on choice – a pragmatic view.

People like choice but are afraid of taking decisions. This paradox has puzzled pension people for a long time. People think that having 170 fund choices on their personal pension is good news, but 90% of us make no choice … Continue reading

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In the long run…… (guest blog from Ralph Frank)

There is a widely-held view that the longer the holding period for an investment, the more volatile the asset that can be invested in.  There seems to be two beliefs contributing to this headline view: The more volatile the price … Continue reading

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Boring money.

Yesterday , financial journalist and founder of the Platforum Holly Mackay, launched a new company “Boring Money”. I like that phrase, work is boring, money is boring- there is a natural synergy there. It’s not done to talk about either in interesting … Continue reading

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