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“Fund pays”. How platforms hide the bills till it’s too late.

I published a blog over the weekend , which is rather better for the comments it’s attracted. Indeed there’s an argument to read the comments and ignore the blog! The blog asked “what’s the point of platforms?”. I hadn’t expected … Continue reading

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How do I rate my various pensions?

Following the publication of yesterday’s Guidance from the DWP on “DC pension” disclosures, this article asks “have we any framework for answering the question in the title?”. The conclusion is “not yet”, thought the disclosure guidance takes us another step … Continue reading

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The day the IGCs had their picnic

Apparently yesterday was the day the IGCs had their picnic or whatever they do when they congregate at some legal temple in the City. The IGC’s – let’s be reminded – were set up by Government to keep the insurers … Continue reading

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Should workplace pensions have a duty of candour?

We seem to have learned nothing from the Office of Fair Trading report on workplace pensions. In case you’ve forgotten, the OFT reported they’d never encountered such  poor purchasing as with employers purchasing pensions for their staff. What has been … Continue reading

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Good to be back – back to a different world.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. The problem – the hardware- my PC really wan’t up to the task and I’m on a cool Mac Air as I type. So what’s happened since last we met? A lot! … Continue reading

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An advice gap…or a competence gap?

I wish the OFT success in their endeavours, I enjoyed reading their interim paper and I’m sure I will enjoy reading the output of their current research in the autumn. In the meantime, we have work to do. Continue reading

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Storm clouds gather round legacy workplace pensions

OFT investigation called for by Labour should be a signal to Government to back down and accept our amendments to the Pension Bill – McClymont Continue reading

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Is our pension scheme good enough for auto-enrolment?

Today, assessing whether your existing pension qualifies for auto-enrolment is easy. Continue reading

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“We don’t know what we’re doing”!

To the average fan it is not the fans or player or clubs that bring the game into disrepute it is the referee – hence the chants the politest of which is “you don’t know what you’re doing”. But it’s never that simple. What … Continue reading

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Commission – an unwanted risk.

Remaining in denial only defers and increases risk. Continue reading

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