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An advice gap…or a competence gap?

I wish the OFT success in their endeavours, I enjoyed reading their interim paper and I’m sure I will enjoy reading the output of their current research in the autumn. In the meantime, we have work to do. Continue reading

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The death bell tolls for commission –

Another step on the hard road to pensions decency Continue reading

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“We don’t know what we’re doing”!

To the average fan it is not the fans or player or clubs that bring the game into disrepute it is the referee – hence the chants the politest of which is “you don’t know what you’re doing”. But it’s never that simple. What … Continue reading

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Has Webb scotch’d the commission snake – or killed it?

All the advisers needed to do was to make promises. They did not have to keep them. Continue reading

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A momentous day for restoring confidence in UK pensions

We cannot have confidence in a system where member’s pensions can be impacted by as much as 30% though advisory arbitrage. Continue reading

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Taking meaningful investment choices off the shelf

  I’m  pleased to hear that NEST is planning to explain its investment plans that everyone can understand.I visited their offices last week and spoke with their chief investment officer about this. I hope that as part of this explanation , he’ll … Continue reading

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Dear OFT….

I see you are looking into pensions and will be completing a “market study” by August that  will focus on value for money and the size of pension pot savers end up with at retirement. I hear it will look … Continue reading

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Vertical disintegration

14 of the largest insurer offering pension plans have agreed to publish the true costs of the funds they off to people buying the personal and company pensions they run. These funds sit on “platforms” which provide investment administration , keep … Continue reading

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Call out the instigators

The Office of Fair Trading has decided to get stuck into workplace pensions. Pension people fight grimly on like  townspeople uner siege in the 100 years war. The OFT is the  invincible siege engine wheeled to the gates. In August this year,  the OFT … Continue reading

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