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And it was all going so well…

Like a cobra poking it’s head out of the Fakir’s basket, like Nessy sticking its neck out of the Loch, the black mortality line is a stark reminder for those who think they’ve got away with it, that Covid-19 is … Continue reading

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Has Webb scotch’d the commission snake – or killed it?

All the advisers needed to do was to make promises. They did not have to keep them. Continue reading

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No win no fee – one way to clean up asset management

I met yesterday with a Swiss firm whose business is to reduce the investment costs for large investors (typically with €500m +). The model is simple, no retainer – they receive 50% of the savings from their work. They are a … Continue reading

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How the banks try to f*ck us – and how we deal with them

It’s Sunday morning and I am reading a poem written around 1936 by Ezra Pound. It is about Usury , in this context the bad practice of the Medici Bank which Pound claimed screwed up the great artistic achievements of medieval … Continue reading

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Reformation The Mallowstreet Party

Vincent Franklin looked out from what used to be the roof of City Telephone Exchange. The Exchange (according to Con Keating) had walls fifteen metres thick and had been built to withstand a nuclear bomb. They’d pulled it down to … Continue reading

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Hose down RBS and Coutts before you put them on the forecourt.

There is a Coutts cash point in my high street – Eton High Street. It charges other bank’s customers for the privilege of using it. You can do that if you have the banking cachet that Coutts believes it has. Most … Continue reading

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Don’t blame Stephen Hester – we made his rules.

If anything is to be learned from current events, it needs to be learned about how the rules are established (not whether they are applied). Continue reading

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Can no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?

The running gag is that the Church of England’s the Tory Party at prayer and if there’d been a Tory party in 1170 I reckon they’d regard Giles Fraser and Thomas Beckett as peas from the same pod. My Sunday … Continue reading

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What to do with Fred Goodwin’s refunded pension

Of course it’s only been a decade or so since RBS bought Natwest and you can’t expect integrated systems or customer services overnight. So I’m prepared to forgive RBS for forgetting about customer service, after all they are a mighty investment bank and one that as a nation we can all be proud of.
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