What to do with Fred Goodwin’s refunded pension

RBS has  a few million spare from Fred’s belated munificence..here are a couple of quick ideas

1.   How about being able to pay in cheques to an RBS account at a NatWest  branch?

2.  How about training the RBS personal banking help line on the procedure for paying in cheques to the sparse network of RBS branches?

3.  How about upgrading the RBS website to show where the RBS branches actually are?

4.  How about training local branch staff to accept that their website might actually be wrong and the customer right?

Of course it’s only been a decade or so since RBS bought NatWest and you can’t expect integrated systems or customer services overnight. So I’m prepared to forgive RBS for forgetting about customer service, after all they are a mighty investment bank and one that as a nation we can all be proud of.

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