“I asked her for credit- she answered me nay, for custom like yours I can get anyday”

Sadly, unlike the Wild Rover, Alastair  no longer has  ten sovereigns bright in his pocket , but that doesn’t stop him asking, the sign in my pub still reads “don’t ask for credit as refusal offends” but that doesn’t stop me putting my card behind the bar. When it comes to money- we’re pretty good at asking.

But when it comes to asking for help, we’re rubbish. I guess it’s that “refusal offends” bit which nags away.

When I started out in sales I met a man who told me that it wasn’t the person who said yes but the 9 people who said no that made you your money. It’s a simple rule- don’t get offended by the no’s and cherish the yesses.

Talking to people at the Mallowstreet networking event last night I became aware that a lot of people feel awkward about asking things on the site. But I met more people who were delighted to give me advice on what I should do with my career, how I should develop the Pension Playpen- all kinds of good honest stuff.

We don’t like asking- but we love to be asked.

So let’s just take a step back- we all want to know what to do, we have a bunch of experts who can help us and all we need to do is press the submit button- simples.

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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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