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Stop the blood-letting at Nat West

Alison Rose was forced to resign as CEO of NatWest because of political pressure. As the largest shareholder in NatWest, the Government thought the best way to diffuse the row was to force her resignation that came in the early … Continue reading

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“Oh Rose thou art sick”

  I don’t know Alison Rose , I know one of her former  (female) Board colleagues  I suspect that Rose’s resignation last night as  NatWest’s CEO will be met with frustration It is one thing to get women to a … Continue reading

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RBS – thank you very much

Yes you did read a positive headline about RBS and no- it was not written tongue in cheek On Friday last, AgeWage received 62,000 contribution files from RBS’ pension administrator which will allow us to test the algorithm we are … Continue reading

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RBS remains a national disgrace. It will reach a “milestone” when it shows itself sorry.

There has been some good banter on linked off the back of my blog on hand-outs to kids. The Resolution Foundation’s proposals to up taxes for those working longer and hand-out a tidy wedge to kids (to get them owning … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a scam; lessons from Providence and Lumiere

If there’s anything good that can come out of the Providence Group’s global network of deceit, it is that it is exposed and offers us its full anatomy. Yesterday I tried to lay out the anatomy at length – I … Continue reading

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What’s the point of banks?

News that the HSBC is to slash it’s costs by $5bn. spells trouble for 6,000 British workers and their families. It will probably be seen as good news to the shareholders of the bank but what of the customers? There was … Continue reading

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Is now really the time to stop bashing banks?

“If you ain’t cheating – you ain’t trying” “Time to lay off the banks”  – I hear it every day. I live with a Director of a leading retail bank- she claims not to read my blogs –  I’d like to … Continue reading

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What a match! England v France #sixnations

  https://twitter.com/pensionlawyeruk/status/429651442501451776 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI3_UxrgINU   Yesterday’s Six Nations thriller , narrowly won by France in the closing minutes, will go down as an all-time great. No need to rehearse the details, Tom Fordyce’s match report for the BBC does very nicely. … Continue reading

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A broken housing market?

I have to admit to being baffled this morning by reports that house prices are set to increase by 25% (relative to what?), that rents will soar and that social (council) housing  will become scarcer. Apparently we are building less houses … Continue reading

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What to do with Fred Goodwin’s refunded pension

Of course it’s only been a decade or so since RBS bought Natwest and you can’t expect integrated systems or customer services overnight. So I’m prepared to forgive RBS for forgetting about customer service, after all they are a mighty investment bank and one that as a nation we can all be proud of.
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