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Cushon fusion. As part of NatWest will Cushon innovate or replicate?

Cushon has reached an agreement with NatWest Group for them to acquire a majority shareholding in Cushon.  A minority shareholding (15%) will remain with Ben Pollard, CEO and Founder and other senior management.  Cushon, a great British Fintech The story … Continue reading

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When will they ever learn? (The CDO is back)

The FT reports (with its usual light touch ) that the collateralized debt obligation is back and being used by Global Pension Funds (and hedge funds) as an alternative to junk bonds. I question whether in its “authentic” (CLO) or … Continue reading

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What’s the point of banks?

News that the HSBC is to slash it’s costs by $5bn. spells trouble for 6,000 British workers and their families. It will probably be seen as good news to the shareholders of the bank but what of the customers? There was … Continue reading

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Is now really the time to stop bashing banks?

“If you ain’t cheating – you ain’t trying” “Time to lay off the banks”  – I hear it every day. I live with a Director of a leading retail bank- she claims not to read my blogs –  I’d like to … Continue reading

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The pensions industry is far from ready for 2015.

There has been an assumption that through Guidance, Advice and revitalised Product, Britain’s lucky retirees drawing benefits from 2015 will take advantage of the new pension freedoms and things will be alright. The sharp of sight will have noticed a … Continue reading

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Why the IMA are so wrong about fund research.

  There had been signs that the Investment Management Association (IMA) was at last coming to terms with the needs of consumers and those who advise them to reveal the cost of owning their funds. In May , Daniel Godfrey- its … Continue reading

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As for saving- our kids could be teaching us!

  The punters just do not want what the pensions industry is trying to sell them   These are the words of the financial editor of the Evening Standard, Anthony Hilton. Hilton expresses his frustration not at the public but … Continue reading

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What do you do when the lights go out?

Professional Pensions run the story of the £22.9m fine dished out to State Street who had been double charging clients for years. I had thought of custodians till recently as their name suggests as guardians of assets, not as asset strippers. … Continue reading

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