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Did active managers protect us from the pandemic? American research says “NO!”

    Are active fund managers working harder for us through the pandemic?  Not according to an analysis of mutual fund returns and flows. It seems that what has served investors well is being in funds investing in  equities that … Continue reading

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New research shows BSPS transfers driven by fear not greed.

  I have on my google drive a piece of research conducted by one of my friends – a steelworker himself – who was one of the main pillars of support for steelworkers faced with the hard choice of whether … Continue reading

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Hargreaves Lansdown’s IGC as pretty and effective as a chocolate teapot!

    In 2015, David Grimes and the Hargreaves Lansdown IGC, delivered what remains the worst IGC report I have ever reviewed. Things improved considerably in 2016 but the IGC has not kicked on and I find the 2017 report … Continue reading

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Pension paralysis over the net-pay rip off.

I won’t bore you with a list, but there are 31 blogs on this site dealing with various aspects of the net-pay rip-off which is denying hundreds of thousands of low-paid people the incentive promised them by HMRC for contributing … Continue reading

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With dementia in mind.

Why don’t we design financial services for the elderly with dementia in mind? The needs and capabilities of those in their eighties and nineties can be quite different from those in their sixties and seventies. We would not treat a twenty … Continue reading

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Beware “black-box” auto-enrolment “solutions”.

Katie Morley of the de Daily Telegraph has written an important article claiming that the occupational schemes set up to relieve the needy of their pension savings before retirement are now turning their sights on auto-enrolment. This may or may not … Continue reading

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Why Bill Gross so doesn’t matter

  I went to a posh PIMCO conference at the Langham Hotel, I got very bored and left after the first session. Later that week PIMCO announced that their bond guru Bill Gross had left them. The story was that … Continue reading

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Why the IMA are so wrong about fund research.

  There had been signs that the Investment Management Association (IMA) was at last coming to terms with the needs of consumers and those who advise them to reveal the cost of owning their funds. In May , Daniel Godfrey- its … Continue reading

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Honest research from Towers Watson on employer attitudes to workplace pensions

I have a lot of respect for Towers Watson. They may be big but they have kept their integrity through their expansion and the people who work for them demonstrate a focus on their customers and an intellectual integrity that … Continue reading

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