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New research shows BSPS transfers driven by fear not greed.

  I have on my google drive a piece of research conducted by one of my friends – a steelworker himself – who was one of the main pillars of support for steelworkers faced with the hard choice of whether … Continue reading

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Should people be worried that the “fear gauge” is so low?

This is a chart of the VIX – the “fear gauge” of the title of this blog. It shows that (American) investors are less worried about the markets than at any time since 2012 (actually since the crash). The same … Continue reading

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FEAR+FRAUD. Does Geneva= Gibraltar? Are SIPPs the new QROPS?

  This bog is about fear and how it can be used by the unscrupulous to frighten them into putting their retirement at risk. The unscrupulous fear-monger is the self-appointed UKPension Guru (Clive Skane-Davis) of Swiss Global Consulting; you can … Continue reading

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