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With dementia in mind.

Why don’t we design financial services for the elderly with dementia in mind? The needs and capabilities of those in their eighties and nineties can be quite different from those in their sixties and seventies. We would not treat a twenty … Continue reading

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Do you have to be demented to buy an annuity?

This tweet is not the first time I’ve heard this argument Interesting question about pension freedoms and dementia at #micuk – do annuities offer better protection to sufferers? @rosaltmann — Nick Britton (@NickBritton_) May 13, 2015 I heard it several … Continue reading

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Lear- third age monarch- fourth age fool?

That Debora Price talk really got to me. Gone my cosy vision of a comfy third age, supplanted by nightmare dotage and dementia. The last time I really confronted the issue of growing really old was when I was involved in … Continue reading

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