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What would we do without bloody difficult women?

Messaging Gina Miller before I went to the launch of a new play about her and Theresa May, Gina told me that she was “Very nervous about the play!  People will think it’s all true” She needn’t have been. The … Continue reading

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The self-employed do themselves and the rest of us NO PENSION FAVOURS

In addition to safeguarding the rising state pension, we will continue to support the successful expansion of auto-enrolled pensions, enabling more people to increase their retirement income with help from their employers and government; we will continue to extend auto-enrolment … Continue reading

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If I was Theresa May….

I can understand Theresa May’s frustrations, I am a member of her party and have witnessed her “annus calamitous” up close and personal. I am a fan of May’s, an endangered species, but I prefer her to alternative models As … Continue reading

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The problems of old age didn’t “go away in May”.

Back in May, the Conservatives said they were going to do something about the problems Britain has with an ageing population and insufficient preparation for their extreme old age. Instead of introducing radical reform, as their manifesto promised, they backed … Continue reading

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Remorse or anger? How do Tories feel this morning?

I voted conservative. I didn’t like the candidate (Mark Field), I didn’t like the campaign and I didn’t like myself . I simply felt no confidence in other options. Now, like many who lay dazed from exit poll to the … Continue reading

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“A dementia tax- by any other name”- guest blog from Alex Adamou

Thanks to Alexander for this excellent blog and for Con Keating for sending it to me. After watching an unusually shallow discussion of the so-called “dementia tax” on This Week last night, I want to give my take on it. … Continue reading

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Mrs May – where’s your sense of humour?

The most telling criticism of the U-turn over the dementia tax is that the Prime Minister has been robotic. She was robotic in Wales  squawking “nothing has changed” like a Dalek and she was robotic with Andrew Neil. It is not … Continue reading

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“Look after yourselves” – tough plans for the ageing-affluent.

    Ditching Dilnot’s cap Ditching Andrew Dilnot’s proposed cap on the amount we pay for our long-term later life care is the biggest attack on wealth I can remember. Protecting personal assets at £100,000 is scant comfort when the … Continue reading

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“How we’re paid” is top of #GE17 agenda

If there is a debate going on over who next Governs Britain, how we get paid – as workers and pensioners, is at the heart of it. BREXIT may be the most important political issue , but we are no … Continue reading

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Is Farage the EU’s US Ambassador?

I am  cross with the post US election consensus in British politics. There seems to be a role for Britain “taming” the American right – that starts with neutering Donald Trump. This is total nonsense. Not only is it silly … Continue reading

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